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14W LED Corn Bulb Lamp 1500Lm 6000K E26 IP64  UL

14W LED Corn Bulb Lamp 1500Lm 6000K E26 IP64 UL

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2015):
Some people think high color temperature is uncomfortable (typical 'warm' light is around 2700K, this light is around 6000k), but I'm an advocate; just a personal preference. You can not use this light without a shade/diffuser as it is harsh...think "LED flashlight in your eyes harsh". It is a little bit bigger than a typical incandescent bulb. Be sure to check dimensions of application to determine its appropriateness.
The intense brightness of the bulb is your payoff. It really does light up a workspace or living room. Low power consumption is the biggest payoff, 14w for a 100w light output. 'Corn bulb' construction means it is basically a cylindrical structure with LED light sources aligned around the sides and top of the structure, allowing for a fairly wide angle of light dispersion.
Lifespan is another caveat. With a 50,000 hour rating, this light source could very well outlive me. -As if 14w vs. 100w were not enough to pay for itself in savings over a single year, the device's lifespan is incredible.
So, if you like high color temperatures, saving electrical resources for a long period of time, not having to concern yourself with replacing a bulb for a really long time and have an application that can tolerate the length of this little monster of light, Get this bulb
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