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Eddy Kiersz is the owner of LEDRadiant and is a successful entrepreneur who has established several successful businesses in his 40 year career. He researched and developed an AC energy savings technology derived from a NASA patent. His patent for this ac energy savings technology was awarded in October 28, 1981 and granted by NASA as a derivative technology which he used in his home country and the USA.

Today, his passion for the latest technology is the catalyst for creating LEDRadiant. His objective is to customize the best solutions for your business. A Doctorate in Physics and a career in innovative technology development has prepared him to understand the LED lighting technology at the molecular level. Therefore, he will bring the same level of technological prowess to your lighting solution that led him to gain a US patent..

 You can be assured that Eddy Kiersz has fully researched his product offerings and that he will only sell the best products available at the right price to meet your needs.



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