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UV Sterilizer Light
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UV Sterilizer Light

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  1. UV Light Sterilizer Wand 275nm 3W portable to End Virus and Bacteria

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    UV Sterilizer Light Rechargeable USB Wand 3 Watt for easy cleansing.

    UVC or far Ultraviolet is high-intensity electromagnetic radiation and has shown to destroy the DNA and RNA in viruses, becoming sterile, thus the viruses cannot reproduce. UVC destroys the H1N1, SARS, FLU viruses so it will also destroy Covid-19. Easy to use, turn the upper side clockwise 180°, then press the button to turn it on. Pass the light about 1-2 inches from the surface you want to sterilize, 5 seconds of exposure is sufficient to sterilize the surface. If turned upside it will shut off to avoid damaging the eyes or skin. The timer will shut down in 180 seconds, Side switch allows to lock off the power button to protect from child misuse.

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