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LED Downlights
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LED Downlights

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LED Downlights.

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LED Downlights are lights that usually have been recessed into a ceiling and are designed to illuminate downwards. They are ideal to illuminate any kind of place where a distinctive lighting touch is needed (living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and even underneath benches and cabinetry). A simple 9W LED Downlight can replace a 40W CFL and even a 100W Incandescent! All you need is enough room to put the housing. Some LED Downlights are dimmable. They are sometimes referred to as: recessed lights, pot lights, or can lights. The LED downlights can shine down broadly to light up a whole area or narrowly like a spotlight. When it comes to looks, they provide a modern appearance to the room. Our LED downlights are clear, streamlined and great if you don’t want a pendant or a bulky light fixture in the room.

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