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Linear Lighting
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Linear Lighting

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Linear Lighting.

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LED Linear High Bay Lighting

Also known as Shop lights, pendant lights or LED Linear High Bay, LED Linear lighting ceiling fixtures are ideal to replace Fluorescent tubes and their containing fixtures. Great for Offices. Some LED Linear lighting are tri-proof, meaning that they are designed to withstand dust, water and corrosion, so it is not really an issue where to install them, you can go from a carwash to a walk-in fridge.

LED Linear High Bay fixtures are perfect for any application where high quality LED linear lighting is required for your workspace. This fixtures are usually installed using the included mounting brackets or they can be hung, creating an illumination statement in itself. Using Commercial Electric LED Linear Light fixtures will save you significant dollars with regard to your operation costs. They also have an option to daisy-chain them.  Maintenance free: no bulbs to change!

Choose from our big selection of LED linear high bay lighting. Do not hesitate contacting us about our LED linear lighting fixtures.

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