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LED Wall Lights
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Color Temperature
  1. 4000 K (1)
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  1. 65 (28)
  1. 20 (1)
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  4. 27 (1)
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Product Type
  1. Dusk to Dawn (3)
  2. Wall-Pack (25)
  1. 90-277 VAC (7)
  2. 100-277 VAC (15)
  3. 120-277 VAC (6)
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LED Wall Lights

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LED Wall Lights.

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Led Wall Lights & Led Fixtures

LED Wall Packs are powerful light fixtures that are installed in commercial buildings and residential outdoor locations. Typically, flush-mounted on a vertical wall surface, they are durable and dependable outdoor, night lights. One, 100W LED Wall Pack can replace a 450W HID Bulb. LEDRadiant’s LED Wall Packs are energy efficient, and feature low levels of light pollution. Our wall packs illuminate large areas while withstanding the elements and other forms of abuse that are commonly experienced in outdoor locations. They can be found on just about every warehouse, office building, school, church, parking garage and any other areas where an outdoor light fixture is required. They are the perfect choice for enhancing building exteriors or casting light on doorways, pedestrian walkways and outdoor areas that benefit from heightened security, which can also be achieved by combining with other light sources such as LED street lights and outdoor flood lights. By changing over your fluorescent, metal halide or high pressure sodium wall pack lights over to LED Wall Packs, you will achieve a significant savings on your electric bill.

If durability and energy efficiency is your prime requirement, then you have come to a right platform. LED Radiant is known for the innovative and economical lighting solutions. Here, we offer an array of LED wall packs that will provide a fresh and contemporary look to your specific area.

Discover our eco-friendly collection of wall packs that are tailored to your exact requirement. With the multiple state-of-the-art designs and patterns, our wall fixtures can be easily mounted on your desired corner or wall. Whether you are about to install them as an outdoor light or in interiors, these fixtures will give you the successful lighting goals. Select your product and get ready to live in ecological style.

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