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Field Lights and Stadium
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Field Lights and Stadium Lights

When using LED Field Lights, the goal is to illuminate the sports field without blinding the people in the stadium

Although in every project the goal is to have excellent illumination for the field without blinding the people on the ground or the fans in the stadium, each project and location has its own considerations. A baseball field is different from a football field, different from a soccer field, a rodeo ground or a race track. Besides, although the fields are mostly standardized, the disposition of the seats is different and a professional field has different needs than a small league. Some fields are besides other fields and the layout is exclusive in many cases, so here you will find a few tips. Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation or for an illumination simulation.

LED Stadium lights are 3 or 4 times more efficient than Metal Halide Lights and last much longer

Metal halide lamps use a ballast and are usually comprised of a 1500 Watts bulb with an aluminum spun reflector. LED Field Lights use no ballast, shine light through a lens that should be the appropriate for the particular position of the light and the area to be illuminated. Each individual LED will shine the light towards where it is needed, thus reducing the amount of glare spilled towards the audience. LED stadium lights can be 500W or 600W to replace the 1500W or even 2000W metal halide, providing better lighting and at the same time saving in energy consumption. 

On the field a split of a second makes the difference and good lighting is of essence. LED lights are eco friendly, have no mercury and do not produce infrared or ultraviolet emissions.

Call us to 844-533-7230 and we will help you select the correct light and lens for your field or track. It is very important to produce a illumination simulation so your field is lighted correctly while spectators and players are not blinded.

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