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The hanging bubbles using 175 Watt metal halide bulb were replaced with 27 Watt LED Corn bulb, the updated version 30 Watt Led Corn Bulb and for the top 250 Watt metal halide bulb used in the acorns used a 45 Watt LED corn bulb, you can find an updated version in the 50 Watt LED corn bulb. Savings are about 85% and the brightness increased 200%.
Belle Isle Bridge near Detroit Lighting Powered by Platinum Equity from Platinum Equity on Vimeo

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Hangars perimeter illumination using 50W LED Floodlights.

Street Lights: CITY OF MARGATE

Replaced 1000 Watts HPS with 300W street light fixture. This will save the city of Margate 77% in electric costs and about $100.00 per year per fixture in maintenance and parts.

Fast Food: Mc DONALDS

We are a McDonalds at Pebblebrooke in Naples Florida, changed all the bulbs to LED from LEDRadiant, in the building perimeter, the kitchen, the storage room and even the lights in the poles in the parking lot. Very happy with the change.
Using 20W LED corn bulb to replace 125W metal halide around the restaurant and in the playroom, 16W 4ft LED T8 Tube light in the kitchen and the storage room, 40 watts linear light fixtures for wet locations to illuminate the arch and 150W LED Street Light Cobra for the parking lot.


Replaced each one 1000 Watt Metal Halide at the top of pole and one 400 Watt Metal Halide at half the height of the pole with only one 265 Watt LED OMA series 5 years ago, today we have 300 Watt LED S8C series (current version) at the top.
Counting the ballasts, about 20% waste, we went from 1680 Watts to 265 Watts saving 84% just in energy and thousands in maintenance. The dealership looks like a stadium. Outstanding.
In that sector alone they are saving over $24,000 per year with 194% more light and near zero maintenance for the next 15 years.


Replaced all 400 Watt Metal Halide with 100W LED 180° Semi Corn Bulb (current version) on every shoebox, which are 23 ft high.
Savings are over 80% just in energy and thousands in annual maintenance. The dealership looks great as displayed in the images.

Car Dealer Lighting


This car dealer is located at 5837 Dawson street - Suite B - Hollywood, FL 33023, (website). They offer classic cars, especially Porsche. The place needed better lighting to display and sell these special cars for special people. We replaced more than 40 8FT Tube lights and 18 4Ft fluorescent tube lights with only 12 UFO Light LED High Bay 150W Motion Sensor Ready 20250Lm 5000K .
Switching to LED made a great difference and projected savings are over 60% just in energy and thousands in annual maintenance. The dealership looks great as displayed in the images.

"Excellent products and services, I'll recommend this company with no doubt! They went above and beyond, gave us all the advice we needed before making a decision and provided a full turn key solution with no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended!"


A full lighting renovation took place at these incredible beach hotel. Halls PL's were replaced by LEDRadiant LED PL lamps, same as the sconces on the hallways. You can see them in detail HERE.

Courts: Coconut Creek Basketball Court 

In the first photo we have replaced only the 6 lights that illuminate the basketball court. You can see the whole court is evenly illuminated and very bright.

From the partial photos, second and third, you can see in the back the illumination provided by the old lights 1000 watts. The old lights do not provide the same color nor the foot candle as the LED do.

Court fully illuminated with 6 300W LED from LEDRadiant

Basketball Court LED Ledradiant

On the left and behind the 1000W Metal Halide. Facing the court the 300W LED from LEDRadiant

Tennis Court LED Lights

Behind the 1000W Metal Halide, not even close to the 300W LED from LEDRadiant

Basketball court lighting

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This project was completed by GHS Green Lighting from Zionsville, Indiana where more than 160 400 Watt metal halide lamps where replaced with 108 Warehouse Lighting Fixtures 2Ft. 220W . With the addition of Microwave Motion Sensors the annual savings are over $46.312The investment is paid in less than 8 months counting only the savings in electric power.

Take a look at the photos taken after the conversion was finished.

Time to take a look at our Warehouse Lighting Fixtures 2Ft. 220W?

Store Illumination and Decoration: MANIA JEANS, FLORIDA MALL, ORLANDO, FLORIDA 

Wall with DMX effects
Iconic diamonds shape and exhibitors.
Consult with us for your special needs.

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Casino Decoration: GULFSTREAM PARK CASINO, Hallandale Beach, Florida

Pendant and Chandeliers with 125 effects

Lighting Decoration with addressable LED from LEDRADIANT

Decoration Lights with addressable LED from LEDRADIANT Decoration Lighting with addressable LED from LEDRADIANT
LED Light Decoration with addressable LED from LEDRADIANT

Lighting Decoration With Addressable LED.
Consult with us for your special needs.

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This project was completed by James "Ronnie" Hayes. All chandeliers were replaced with surface mounted 2x2 LED panels 30W LED Panel 2 x 2 4200 Lumens 5000K IP44 UL DLC.

Take a look at the photos taken after the conversion was finished.

Time to take a look at our LED panel lights

WorkShop: Pipe Welder At Bradford Marine

On the first floor using 120W linear High Bay and 220W Linear High Bay for the double height.

Place fully illuminated with 5 220W LED High Bay from LEDRadiant

Hospitality: Naples BRIDGE CENTER

Standard 4 foot Fluorescent tubes were upgraded to LEDRadiant LED 4FT LED tubes.

Warehouses: KINDERMORGAN Compressor room

We have replaced the majority of our conventional lighting with LED replacements in order to reduce associated maintenance, increase light output and efficiency. A competing LED supplier claimed that their product (at approximately 20x the price) was superior due to other bulbs not being designed for enclosed fixtures and failing due to heat. After a 3 month test period with one bulb, and some operational monitoring (see attached pictures), we started replacing the rest of the facility. We have also started replacing bulbs at other facilities, as well.

These 54W corn bulbs outperform our previous 250W Metal Halide bulbs, we are able to bypass nonfunctional ballasts instead of replacing them, and our lights now come on instantly. Our test bulb has been in service for nearly a year and we are thrilled with the results.

On the left the 250W Metal Halide. On the Right the 54W LED corn bulb that was installed September 25 2015. The updated version is 50W LED corn bulb from LEDRadiant


A total of 900 canopies (55W) were installed at this location to replace 3600 HO54 T5 fluorescent tubes that were burning a total of 213 KWh including the ballasts. Maintenance required the replacement of tubes and ballasts. Total estimated annual cost $277,000. Now, with our 55W canopies, the parking garage looks like it has been completely renovated and cleaner. Total annual cost was reduced to $51,000 and  maintenance to almost zero. Annual savings $226,000The investment is paid in less than 6 months.

Take a look at the impressive facelift of this parking garage. Images were taken while the replacement was taking place, see the difference.   

Time to take a look at our 55W LED canopies?


This cold store, the largest in south Florida was illuminated with 8 foot tubes. Every 4 tubes were replaced with our 55W canopies. Annual savings over $13,674The investment is paid in less than 7 months.

Take a look at the photos taken before starting the conversion and after finished.   

Time to take a look at our 55W LED canopies?

Healthcare: Physicians Imaging Center HERBERT L SHICK MD

This top of the line facility center needed brighter lights so customers could feel more at ease. We also upgraded the Parking garage lights, with strong 22 Watts LED corn bulbs, the new version is 20W LED Corn Bulb and the front façade street lights with 54W LED corn bulb March 23 2016, the updated version is50W LED Corn Bulb, increasing not only the light but the security. Finally, for the canopies at the entrance, inside the cans we install brand new LED Plug Type (PLs) bulbs, same as the sconces installed in the Parking garage wall.

Building Fazade: ONE AVENTURA

One Aventura is an office building located in Aventura, Florida. They were using 7 units of 1000 Watts flood lights that we replaced with 200 Watts LED Floodlights . The metal halide bulbs used a ballast with a waste of about 180 Watts. With the replacement they are saving 7 Kwh, which translates close to $290 each month just in the electrical bill and not counting the maintenance. The investment returned in less than 9 months and the building looks great.

Strip Malls: Kotinen

Hollywood, Florida.

Replaced old wall pack fixtures with 1000 Watts metal halide with 200W LED Flood Light (current version). Even though the bulb is rated 1000 Watts, including the ballast consumption these were burning over 1200 watts, some lights were blue, some horrible green. Now burning only 200 Watts and the place looks new, light color and intensity is even everywhere and extremely bright. You can see that there is even a shadow where only the tubes are illuminating.

Apartment Building: Hollywood Lomar Properties


Broward Motorsports asked us for a solution to their signs because they have used some modules but they didn't last too long and wanted to replace those and other signs that were using 5 foot and 6 foot tubes. We suggested them to use 2.4 Watts/Ft. LED rope . This rope uses no transformers, just a AC/DC converter that operates directly from the 120 volts is rated IP67, good for all weather conditions.


All retrofitted to LED with 18W LED tube lights. 16W 4ft LED T8 Tube light (new version).

Movie Theaters: Marco Movies

This movie theater renovated all the fluorescent tubes for our 100% plastic 2200 lumens LED tubes in 5000K. Now, customers can actually stop and read the posters...!
Using a 18W LED tube. 16W LED tubes (new version)

Supermarkets: PEN DUTCH

This supermarket decided to update all its lighting. Different color temperatures for different applications based on what was being illuminated: Meat goes with one color, produce with a different one, etc. At the end a superb improvement to the general illumination of the place that translates into a lower electric bill and more sales!
Using 2x4 50W LED Panels for general ceiling illumination and 4ft LED tubes with specific color temperatures for the different kinds of refrigerators.

Food Market using Ledradiant 100 watts LED corn bulb light

Brand new LED tubes for the fridges and 2x4 5000K panels for the ceiling.

Food Market using Ledradiant 100w LED corn bulb light

Before and After in one of the meat sections with brand new 5000K 2x4 panels

Food Market using Ledradiant 100w LED corn bulb light Food Market using Ledradiant 120w LED corn bulb light

Food Market using Ledradiant 100w LED corn bulb lightFood Market using Ledradiant 100w LED corn bulb light

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Supermarkets: Retrofit to LED Corn Cobs

The customer was SUPER happy with the 100 and 120 w cobs and the site looks great!
LED lights were installed January 11 2016. Check the new version 100W LED Corn Bulb (new version) inside an Acrylic Reflective shade.

Gym: PerFit Hollywood

Gym, located in Hollywood, FL, in need of better lighting replaced 400W metal halide with 4000K 60W corn bulbs so people laying on their backs when exercising won't be dazzled. LED Corn Bulb 60W 8650Lm 4000K E26 / E39* IP64 ETL DLC.
Ali, the customer words:
"Very pleased with the change."
Annual ROI over 87%.
You can see the difference in the before and after pictures below:

Gym: Crossfit Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Gym, located in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, using Canopy Light 60W 8000Lm 5000K.
In the customer words:
Annual ROI over 85%.

Restaurant / Bakery: GIORGIO's

The customer retrofitted from CFL to LED Corn Cobs 8 Watts February 16 2017!
New Version 10W LED Corn Bulb

Bakery: OPELLE

We are a bakery in Pompano Beach on a 10,000 square feet warehouse with troffers at 17 feet height.

The Ledradiant consultant proposal said we'd save about 55%, but we got actually more savings.

For each troffer in our warehouse we replaced 4 fluorescents with only 3 Ledradiant tubes, as these are much brighter than the originals. I'm a technical type of person, so I downloaded an app to my iphone to get a reading on the brightness under fluorescents and then under the LEDs and I read twice the light with only 3 tubes.

End result is we have twice the light with 18 x 3 = 54 Watt compared to over 160 Watt for the 4 fluorescents with ballast, so we are actually saving over 66% just in energy, not counting A/C savings, tubes replacement and maintenance. Very happy.

www.opelle.com Jorge Fidel, Owner

Replaced 4 4 foot tubes 32 watts each with 3 17 W LED T8 Glass Tube Light Frosted Lens 2200 Lumens 4000K Plug And Play.
working area lighting with LEDRadiant 18w 4ft led tube light

Hair Salons: at LINCOLN ROAD, South Beach

Outstanding bright white 54w corn cobs July 15 2014! New version 50W LED Corn Bulb 5000K.

Car Washes: LUVAWASH

These canopies were retrofitted with powerful 54 W bright white corn cobs in November 2015! New version 50W LED Corn Bulb 5000K.

Manufacturing: SHOWERS DOORS & MORE

On June 14 2016 we replaced 200 Watt CFL with 120W LED corn bulbs. 120 Watt LEDRadiant corn bulbs (current version). We do not care so much about the savings in lighting, which are about 40% because we have machinery and ovens using 100 times more power, but we can do our job much easier. All the workers are happier and work more relaxed.

Manufacturing: ARMADI CLOSETS

By retrofitting the customer optimized his workforce by providing a safer environment to work at the same time that drastically reduced his electric bill. Job done April 12 2015. Tubes, Corns and reflective shades were the to go option for these manufacturers.
Using 8 footers LED tubes and 120W LED Corn Bulbs, current version inside an Acrylic Reflective shade. www.armadiclosets.com Daniel Zegen, Owner


Eddy Thank you very much for showing me the way of more light for my facilities, saving money in the future with a small investment today.

In the future will be changing all of our fluorescent tube lights for led. My employees are very grateful for the big change, they work under better lighting conditions and also will be a big saving for me on the electrical bill, Everybody wins.

Thank you very much and here are some of the pictures of the work done. By the way, I use my phone to watch the warehouse and I can now see much better.

See you soon www.metrodooraventura.com Herman Alter, Owner

Replaced 8 foot tubes 75 watts with 36 Watt 8 Ft LED T8 Tube.


Manufacturing: ALPHA STONE Marble and Granite

This big warehouse was illuminated by 400 metal halide and fluorescent tubes (8 footers) By retrofitting them we achieved a safer working environment and a happier workforce. Electric bill has diminished. 8ft LED Tubes and 120 W Corns bulbs, IP 40 were the replacements used in these locations.
Using 8 footers LED tubes and 120W LED Corn Bulbs (current version).

Manufacturing Warehouses: MFH Sheet Metal Fabricator

This company, located in Opa Loka, FL, (this is their website) needed better lighting and a lower electricity bill for its warehouse . They were using 45 High Bay shades with 400 Watts Metal halide bulbs each and we replaced them only with 23 200W Linear High bays on June 14 2017. Our current 220 Watt Linear High Bay Fixtures.
Partial text from e-mail we received from the customer:
"After we factored the 2 meters we have at our current facility, we are saving roughly $350.00/ month. Coupled with the savings we should also count that we have better lighting distribution/quality and a significant reduction in the heat produced by the fixtures."
Annual ROI over 73%.
You can see the astounding results on the before and after photos.

Buildings / Condos: TREASURE ISLAND, North Miami Beach

This condo building is located in Treasure Island, North Miami Beach. Installed April 25 2015. For the parking lot area, on the left 50 Watt IP66 LEDRadiant Flood Lights (current version) , on the right, the wall packs 250W Metal halide bulbs were replaced with 30 Watt IP64 180° LEDRadiant corn bulbs (current version). 360° corn bulb was used at the pool globes 30 Watt IP64 360° LEDRadiant corn bulbs (current version). At the entrance all CFL bulbs were replaced with LED Plug type lamps according to the base type and color temperature. For the Parking lot, the 400W Metal Halide bulbs were replaced with 60W 180° IP64 LEDRadiant corn bulbs (current version). For the balconies they have installed 30w LED Linear Lighting Vapor Tight Light Fixture.


May 5th 2015,
John thank you very much for excellent service. We are experiencing 75% savings in the electric bill for our parking garage.
Our board cannot think of a better investment and at the same time improvement.

We replaced 175 watt metal halide with 40W LED Corn Bulb (current version). Even though the bulb is rated 175 watts, including the ballast consumption we were using over 200 watts and now only 36.

Buildings / Condos: PORTO BELLAGIO

On August 29 2014 retrofitted 458 canopy fixtures using 175 Watts metal halide bulbs with 40W LED Corn Bulb (current version). Our electric bill went from $12,500 to $7,200 even though we still have 1800 CFLs to replace that work 24 hours a day in the hallways. We will be replacing those soon.
LEDRadiant excellent choise of LED products and service

Community: THE RIDGE, Fairfield CT

This gated community is located in Fairfield Connecticut and the neighbours wanted warm and soft light for their roads. We supplied 49 LED Street Light 150W 20250LM 3000K. They sent back these photos with their thanks. 100% satisfied customers.


In May 2015 the Parking garage of this wonderful Condo was retrofitted with 36W LED corn bulbs 40W LED Corn Bulbs (current version). Also a strong 150W LED Street Light (current version) was installed in the pool section

General Stores: GOOD DEAL

For the grand opening of this store, the owners decided to get rid of the old fluorescent tubes and replace them with the 2200 lumens emanating from each of the 18 w LED 100% plastic lighting tubes used as a replacement!
Using a 18W LED tube. As for the color we chose 5000K which reflects true colors.


Light equals sales. The more you have of one, the more you get of the other. That's why at Garage Clothing (Brookling, NY) we decided to switch to LED.  Replaced 8Ft. fluorescent tubes with 36W 8 ft LED tube. Color temperature: A beautiful natural white, 5000K.

Gas Stations: Hallandale Beach Texaco

Hallandale Beach, Florida Gas Station.

On the lower pump isle, to the left of the photo, replaced old canopy fixtures with 250 Watts metal halide with 40W LED Canopy Light Ceiling Mount (current version). Even though the old bulbs are rated 250 Watts, including the ballast consumption we were using over 300 watts and now only 40.

On the higher pump isle, to the right of the photo, replaced old canopy fixtures with 400 Watts metal halide with 150W LED Canopy Light Ceiling Mount: 5000K 19974 Lm UL IP65 DLC. In this case, the old bulb is rated 400 Watts, but including the ballast consumption were burning over 480 watts and now only 150W and with beautiful results.

Gas Stations: Hollywood

Hollywood, Florida Gas Station.

Replaced Metal Halide Wall Pack Fixtures 250 Watts with LED Wall Pack Light No CUTOFF 80W 10875Lm DLC 5000K. Even though the old bulbs are rated 250 Watts, including the ballast consumption we were using over 300 watts and now only 80.

Gas Stations: TSCC EXPRESS

Taunton, Massachusetts Gas Station.

Replaced old canopy fixtures with 250 Watts metal halide with 75W LED Canopy Light Ceiling Mount: 5000K 8800 Lm UL IP65 DLC. 60W LED Canopy Light Ceiling Mount: 5000K 8000 Lm UL IP65 DLC (current version). Even though the bulb is rated 250 Watts, including the ballast consumption we were using over 300 watts and now only 75 or 60 with the  current version.

Laundromats: 24 HS. LAUNDRY

This 24 Hs laundromat had, Inside and outside, old 8 foot fluorescent tubes that were replaced with our 8ft LED tubes. In this case, with a color temperature of 6000K. Lighting was almost duplicated and savings in the electric bill were unsurpassed.


Replaced 250 watt metal halide bulbs with 54W LED corn bulbs. 50W LED Corn Bulb (current version). The place shines like never before, with the same color everywhere and most important our maintenance went from $1,500 a year to nothing.
LED parking lot retrofit cut electric bill in half
LEDRadiant replace 250 metal halide with 45w led corn bulb

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