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LED Strip Lights
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LED Strip Lights

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LED Strip Lights.

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Emergency LED Drivers

Is recommended and often a code compliance requirement to include luminaries that will operate on batteries in the event that regular electric power is down. Backup LED drivers, also called emergency LED drivers are used with light fixtures that have a LED driver that is accessible and the output can be connected accordingly.

These LED backup drivers supply power to the LED fixture the same way power line drivers do, but they are powered by a battery instead of line voltage.

To keep the operating time for fixture longer than 90 minutes as most regulations require and due that these operate off of batteries, the light output isn’t as bright as the fixture normally would deliver, but sufficient in emergency situations. We normally have 12 and 25 watts, enough to be used in any indoor fixture or light panel.

Do not hesitate to call us if you need assistance or are uncertain about which product will fit your needs.

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