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LED Panel and Troffer Lights
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Color Temperature
  1. 4000 K (1)
  2. 5000 K (7)
  3. Tunable 3/4/5K (1)
  4. Tunable 3/3.5/4/5K (1)
  5. Tunable 3.5/4/5K (2)
  6. n/a (2)
  1. 40 (6)
  2. 44 (3)
  3. 64 (3)
  4. 67 (2)
  1. 25 (1)
  2. 30 (2)
  3. 40 (3)
  4. 42 (2)
  5. 50 (3)
  6. 72 (1)
  7. n/a (2)
Product Type
  1. Accesories (2)
  2. Panel 2x2 (2)
  3. Panel 2x4 (5)
  4. Troffer (5)
  1. 90-277 VAC (3)
  2. 100-277 VAC (11)
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LED Panel and Troffer Lights.

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  • Starting at: $22.00

LED Panels characteristics

Every one of our LED light panels features a prismatic optical lens design that evenly distributes light and helps reduce glare.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a well-distributed diffused light is ideal in the workplace to help reduce eye strain and the potential for employees to be negatively affected by glare. The low-glare lens of these LED panels also helps eliminate dark spots and, thereby reduces the number of fixtures needed to cover the area.

The integrated LEDs produce a high output of up to 7000 Lumens. Our ceiling light panels are also dimmable with 0-10V dimmers and compatible with some motion sensors to customize your lighting and save even more on energy costs.

LED panels are incredibly thin, making them ideal for shallow ceilings. They are lightweight enough to allow one-man installation, reducing labor costs whether retrofitting an office or installing panels in a new construction.

These LED Panels are  primarily designed for drop-ceilings or drywall ceilings and once the integrated LED driver has been properly wired, tabs on the back of the fixture are bent to hang the panel light directly from the drop ceiling. In other cases, for greater versatility and with the right mounting hardware, you can use the option of suspension mounting. In any case, our LED Panels will automatically provide a glamorous look and will send out the message “our lighting is not only the right one, but is 100% vanguard”.

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