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Pay with the Utility money, not yours


Invest in LEDRadiant technology using a minimum amount out of pocket and use your money to run your business.

LEDRadiant will finance up to 90% the cost of products, extended warranty (if selected) and the installation.



LEDRadiant made it a simple process

Complete the application form and send us a non refundable check for $175.00 for the processing fee along with the 10% initial investment (refundable if not approved).

Customer enjoys 2 months of contact payments only. Contact payments are $50.00 for investments up to $50,000 and $100 if greater.

By day 90 you will have your installation completed. Only then you will start to complete the rest of your investment using a fraction of the positive cash flow obtained due to the conversion to LED.

Example, based on $20,000 project with estimated monthly savings of $1,250 per month after LED conversion

  • Send a check for $175.00 for the processing fee along with $2,000 initial investment.
  • Once your credit is approved you will pay $50 the 30th day and $50 more the 60th day
  • Then you pay $589.50 for 36 months, positive monthly cashflow $660.50
  • or $463.50 for 48 months, positive monthly cashflow $786.50
  • or $387.00 for 60 months, positive monthly cashflow $863.00

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