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Exit Sign and Emergency
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Exit Sign and Emergency

Exit Sign Emergency Lights

The general purpose for Exit signs is to designate exits and passageways leading to exits in public properties such as schools, offices, and commercial buildings. These Exit Signs are mounted near escape route doors and doorways and are hardwired into an electrical system to maintain visibility lighting. It is mandatory by the fire department that the Exit Signs maintain visibility during a power outage, when this happens, battery-powered signs switch to their backup power source. If the path to the nearest exit is not immediately clear, arrow or chevron knockouts come with the signs and might be added at the place of installation to indicate the direction of travel to the nearest exit. Local safety rules may stipulate that illuminated emergency exit signs must be constructed from a particular material and feature letters and graphics of a particular color, size, and layout.

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How to select the appropriate Exit Sign

Except if otherwise indicated by the building code, most states require exit signs in green or in red, other states recommend a certain color but is not a requirement. Make sure to check with your local authorities what color is appropriate for your location.

We only offer exist signs where the light source is LED. LED light sources utilize a fraction of the energy required by incandescent bulbs, thus using smaller batteries and lasting longer.

Some of our exit signs combine with emergency lights and can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. These signs come prepared to be powered by 120V or 277V as most are used in commecial buildings.

Be prepared and avoid liability

Purchasing exit lights may be one of your most critical lighting investments. Battery-operated LED Exit signs are guaranteed to function in any emergency situation. The majority of the Emergency lights and Exit Signs that we offer are UL/ETL-approved and include a battery backup. Our exit lights undergo thorough testing to guarantee they are suitable for emergency locations such as fire exits. Quality should be the first factor when considering in purchasing an LED products, especially if they are meant to save lives. The emergency exit signs and emergency lights that we offer have been quality-tested, but also come with a 5-year warranty.


This sign has a slim shape and is illuminated by its perimeter rather than from within its frame. These are ideal for locations seeking a simplified strategy that is nonetheless effective for the area's safety requirements.

Combo Emergency Light and Exit Sign

When the power goes out, emergency lighting activates utilizing a battery backup, allowing the business to continue operating with limited lighting. The emergency light combo consists of emergency lights and an exit sign that direct staff and customers to an exit door in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Individual/Dual Face

Many of the exit lights signs that we provide can be used single- or double-sided.A single-sided exit sign is good for places immediately in front of a door, while a double-sided sign is a great method to send visitors to the exit when they are installed in the middle of corridors or hallways.

Long Lifespan and zero maintenance

With a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, you will never have to worry about the condition of your exit light fixtures. Each sign is equipped with a specially designed lighting system that switches automatically from electricity to battery operation. Exist signs and combos are available with a variety of mounting options, back, side, and top.

Questions Frequently Asked About Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

What are Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs?

During an emergency, Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are generally used together to provide illumination and lead people to the building's exit. Typically, exit lights are installed above doorways, whereas emergency lights are built to give illumination in the event of a power loss. Here are some examples of emergency lighting and exit signs:

Where should Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting be Installed?

Public areas in the United States are required to include exit signs and emergency lighting per building laws and insurance requirements. These locations include schools, workplaces, retail businesses, government buildings, gymnasiums, movie theaters, sports stadiums and any public place.

What advantages do LED Exit Signs and Emergency Lights offer?

LED lighting technology has progressed to the point where it can overcome nearly all of the disadvantages of prior technologies.

The lighting quality is significantly improved in terms of color rendering, color temperature, and lumen output (compared to wattage used).

LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan and conform to construction codes.

LED lighting is currently price competitive, it offers long-term savings due to its lower energy use and zero maintenance. LED lighting reduces utility expenses over time. Additionally, they waste much less energy emitted as heat.

Should a Green or Red Exit Sign Be Used?

The hue of exit signs varies by municipality. Check with the fire marshal in your area. He or she will advise you on the appropriate hue for your area.

What are the illumination specifications for battery-powered Exit Signs?

Minimum illumination requirements for exit signs are five footcandles. They must be illuminated by a reliable light source, and their colors must be easily distinguishable.

Where Should LED Exit Signs Powered by a Battery Be Located?

Place battery-powered exit signs where the direction to the nearest exit sign is unclear or where a local fire marshal directs their placement.

How to Test Battery Operated Exit Signs?

Press the "push to test" button on the casing for 30 seconds to test the exit sign's LEDs and batteries.

LED Exit Markers

You can pick between green or red exit sign letters for the majority of our exit signs, which also include emergency exit lights. Check your state's building rules, though, as some states do mandate specific colors. For example, New York and Chicago require a red departure sign. Other states accept either red or green, however they do have a preferred color. Contrary to common misconception, led exit signs are not powered by batteries. Instead, they are fitted with a backup battery that can power the led exit signs in the event of a power outage. However, it must be hardwired to the building's external power source in order to function. It will last approximately 90 minutes and requires approximately 24 hours to recharge.

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Click here to  chat with us or call us to 844-533-7230 if you have any question regarding your need for Exit Signs, Emergency Lights or any other product.

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