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Ledradiant Newsletter 06/12/17


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LEDRADIANT | Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting
LEDRADIANT Product Introduction

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Expires 6/18/2017

LEDRadiant Canopies:

Our commercial grade canopies luminares are designed not only to be reliable, and durable but also to be aestheticaly pleasing. They are ideal for garages, walkways, security lighting, and building entrances. With its flat impact resistant lens, they provide a glare free lighting with an incredible even distribution. These 45W and 75W LED Canopy lights deliver a beatiful 5000K light. With an ROI of usually more than 50%, these Canopy lights almost pay for themself with your savings in energy consumption. 

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45W LED Canopy Light

With a 36 Watt LED canopy you can replace up to 200 HID lamps. Super easy installation. 5,300 Lumens.

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75W LED Canopy light

Replace up to up to 350 Watts metal halide or HID. IP65, great for wet locations. UL and DLC

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