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Switching to LED

So, you have a customer who told you "I want to switch to LED".

That's great, but how will you know how to prepare a quotation within a budget acceptable by your customer that will be 100% at your customer satisfaction once you finish the installation?

You need to ask your customer a few things, regarding the area he wants to illuminate before you can make a wise decision in order to provide the light he will love at a reasonable price, will not create any problems, no maintenance low power bill, etc.

We face this kind of dilema every day and with different customers, architects, plant engineers and many electrical contractors. That's one of the reasons we created a page in our website Testimonials and Projects, where we can send a link to the potential customer with a project similar to what he has. You will find these links at the footer of each project, click to email this project link .

The potential customer can immediately see the actual project and picture in his mind how his project will look like after switching to LED. Besides, on each project we added links to the products we have used for those projects or the updated product.

Every case is unique, so if you have questions about a potential project, call us, we will help you make the right decision. We can say this after thousands of 100% satisfied customers. Fortunatelly we can proudly say that we have a customer base that rate us 5 stars consistently although less than 1% write a review and even less will send or allow us to take photos, specially the military or those who work for them.

Questions you need to ask your customer:

  • What is the purpose of the area being illuminated:  A storage area will need enough illumination but an exact assembly or product inspection area will need a lot of light.
  • What kind of illumination do they currently have: This will lead to the next question.
  • Is the current lighting enough?: Then you will be able to estimate the lux required for that area.
  • What is the height from the light source to the working area: This will allow to calculate the proper beam angle, type of lens and total lumensrequired for the fixtures.
  • How far apart are the current fixtures?: This will provide more info to select the proper fixture.

We truly hope this information is helpful for you and, furthermore, helps reducing researching time and ease your switching to LED lighting project.

Since we are here to help, please do not hesitate contacting us for more information or to show you different economical options for your next LED switch.

Have a wonderful and illuminated week!

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