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As a leader in industrial LED technology, LEDRadiant manufactures its lighting products using only the highest quality and latest electronic technology available. We know of no brand of LED bulbs from any other manufacturer that costs so much to manufacture. Our extreme quality requirements for drivers, diodes, capacitors, transformers and LED chips have been developed to provide the most reliable and durable bulbs, lamps and fixtures available.

With 40 years in the electronic business, our fanaticism for product excellence has driven us to secure only the most technologically advanced and reliable components for our bulbs. Our rigorous engineering process creates an LED product of unparalleled longevity, reliability and durability.

Whether you are seeking corn bulbs to retrofit HPS, HID lamps or tube lights to replace fluorescent bulbs, LEDRadiant has the products you need. We stock over 100 LED light types and can manufacture nearly any LED product on spec.

Contact us today to speak to one of our certified LED technicians for a no-obligation ROI analysis of your facility or project. 

LEDRadiant provides wholesale prices on products and services to contractors, electricians, and other resellers. For more information, browse to Reseller Inquiry and complete your informationWe will contact you within one business day and often within a few hours. Once you are approved as an LEDRadiant reseller, you can begin to use your reseller status immediately.

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