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LEDRadiant Financial Services


Invest in LEDRadiant technology using a minimum amount out of pocket and use your money to run your business.

LEDRadiant will finance up to 90% the cost of products, extended warranty (if selected) and the installation.



LEDRadiant made it a simple process

Complete the application form and send us a non refundable check for $175.00 for the processing fee along with the 10% initial investment (refundable if not approved).

Customer enjoys 2 months of contact payments only. Contact payments are $50.00 for investments up to $50,000 and $100 if greater.

By day 90 you will have your installation completed. Only then you will start to complete the rest of your investment using a fraction of the positive cash flow obtained due to the conversion to LED.

Example, based on $20,000 project with estimated monthly savings of $1,250 per month after LED conversion

  • Send a check for $175.00 for the processing fee along with $2,000 initial investment.
  • Once your credit is approved you will pay $50 the 30th day and $50 more the 60th day
  • Then you pay $589.50 for 36 months, positive monthly cashflow $660.50
  • or $463.50 for 48 months, positive monthly cashflow $786.50
  • or $387.00 for 60 months, positive monthly cashflow $863.00

Financing Application Form

Fill in the application below in this page with absolute security, as this copy is now in your local machine and is not being transmitted over the internet. Once finished, place the cursor of your mouse over the top of the form and click the "Print" button to print the application form only, sign it and fax it to 305-901-1314. If you feel comfortable and is more convenient for you, you can e-mail it to [email protected] .


Can't see the form? Download here

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