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5 Things You Didn't Know About LED Lighting

If you have an interest in LED lights, you probably already know their basic benefits.  By comparing them with other types of lighting, they consume much less electricity, last longer and are cooler to the touch. But the benefits of LED lightning don't end there.

Here are five lesser known advantages of LED lights you probably didn’t know:

LED Lights can take a hit!  All other light bulbs, by dropping them on the floor or hitting them with a hockey stick become useless and usually the result is shattered glass everywhere. But LED’s are different. They can take a hit and keep on ticking!  Since they are not made of glass, they are much more durable than traditional gas filled bulbs. Even if they are impacted or damaged, unless the damage is severe, they may be able to be repaired. Contact your supplier for details on reparable LED products.

They won't leave you in the dark. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs don't suddenly go dark. Instead, after their estimated lifetime, they begin to fade, slowly losing brightness, thus allowing you to schedule their replacement well before they completely fade out.

They never Flicker. LEDs use Direct Current (DC) instead of Alternating Current (AC). most of LED bulbs include an internal electronic driver to convert AC power into DC, thus allowing for a constant non-flicker current.

They come in different color temperatures. Do you prefer daylight to subtle yellow light? How about bright white with a bluish tint? The choice is yours when selecting LED lights. Paying close attention to lighting color is important as it can directly affect mood and alertness. Additionally the color plays an important aesthetic role in interior design. Make sure you pay close attention to color temperature when you are selecting an LED bulb. The Illumination experts at LEDRadiant can assist you in your search for the perfect LED bulb for your needs.

They don't waste light. LED Chips are unidirectional and distributed in various locations on the bulb fixture. For ceiling lighting, this means that all the light is directed toward the open space and no light is directed towards the ceiling. These ceiling bulbs give a 180 degree sphere of light instead of the traditional 360 degree spheres that require a reflector.

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