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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Canopy Lights Are Definitely in Demand

    How can you significantly reduce energy consumption and thus overall energy costs at your facility…retrofitting with LED canopy lights is certainly a great way to start. Perfect for example in gas stations, these LED lights burn longer and far more efficient than more traditional style bulbs. With lifespans that can range from 50-100,000 hours, the LED canopy lights are a product that you can certainly get behind.

    Given their intensity and brightness, these canopy lights are phenomenal when it comes to outdoor use. People want to feel safe, and in order to feel safe they need the surrounding area to be lit up. Only LED lites can do this to the point where drivers become less anxious and subsequently feel more secure. Isn’t that what you would want for your facility…

    Additionally, as these types of LED lights offer greater flexibility as far as being able to equip them with various controls, they tend to save even more in energy costs. So why should you investigate retrofitting with LED canopy lights…The reasons speak for themselves really. But if you look briefly at a quick comparison between let’s say for example, metal halide lights and LED lighting products you will certainly see the reasons are quite clear:

    • High intensity discharge lamps take 3 to 5 minutes for full output and sometimes up to 20 minutes to stabilize the color temperature. LED light output stabilizes in less than 1 second.
    • Another characteristic of HID lamps is that if switched off, they cannot be restarted until a waiting period of 5-10 minutes. LED lights can be switched off and on immediately.
    • HID lamps come in basically 2 color temperatures, either cool white for metal halide or yellow 2100-2300 Kelvin for HPS (high pressure sodium).
    • LED lights operate at 120F to 180F while metal halide lamps operate at 1500F to 1800F. This means a more efficient overall luminosity as well as a more effective end result.
    • Potentially the number one advantage that LED canopy lights have over halides or any other type of lighting fixture for that matter is in the average lifespan. Boasting anywhere from 50,000 to over 100,000 hours of life, the LED canopy light is guaranteed to save you time and money,
    • While perhaps the initial output may be a little bit more as far as the LED bulb goes, the overall cost is significantly less. You will save with LED canopy lights. Because of the fact that there is much less maintenance involved, because the lifespan is a great deal longer and because the product is in general that much better, you can rest assured that LED canopy lights will make your wallet smile.


  • UFO LED Lighting; The Wave of the Future

    Ideal for warehouses and just about anywhere that requires a rugged, waterproof and long lasting light source, the new UFO style LED lights are certainly making a huge splash in the lighting industry. Easy to install and more attractive than some other types of lighting, these UFO LED lites are at the top of their class. If we consider similar products featuring for example metal halide or CFL lamps, we see that the LED UFO’s lifespan is much much longer. Potentially upwards of 100,000 hours, these fixtures require very little maintenance, which equates to big savings for you in the long run. And who wouldn’t want that…

    Smaller and more compact than other forms of LED lighting, The UFO LED lights still put out the same amazing brightness and luminosity and its durable construction make it great for spaces that may be more inclined toward rougher weather or more unpredictable elements. Given their design and functionality, light is sent downward extremely effectively. In the end these UFO LED products are cheaper to run, more efficient in function and certainly eye catching and fashionable.

    The other wonderful thing about these new LED UFO style lights is the incredible ease when it comes to installation. Projects that might normally take hours or even days, now only take a comparatively short amount of time, as this particular LED light. Lessening the likelihood of complications or malfunctions, the sheer simplicity of retrofitting with these types of LED lights is certainly a very welcomed feature of the product.

    LEDRadiant wants to help you select the best style and light available to fit your needs and business demands. Our skilled staff knows how to answer your questions, and we know how to advise you in regard to retrofits or brand new installs. Additionally, as we are in the process of implementing a new electrical contractor referral program, we are attempting to become your incredibly comprehensive LED lighting source. So don’t hesitate to contact us at 844-533-7320, we would be more than happy to help.



  • LEDRadiant’s New Electrician Referral Program

    LEDRadiant is invested in helping you. That is why we are making retrofitting and/or installing new LED lighting in your structure or building even easier than before. Generally when undertaking such an LED lighting upgrade project, you want to ensure that a certified electrician is performing the tasks required. Especially when dealing with some as potentially dangerous as electricity, doing this type of work on your own can be hazardous. So in the interest of efficiency, affordability and most importantly, safety, we are in the process of compiling a list of authorized and highly skilled electricians who would be happy to provide a quote for your LED retrofit or installation project.


    How does it work…

    Stop by our website and then once in the system, and once you have purchased some of our top of the line LED lighting products, you will be able to locate the name and contact information for an authorized electrician local to your geographic region. Rather than undertake a project of this nature on your own, it makes sense to hire a qualified LED certified specialist for your job. To search for a qualified electrician in your area go to http://ledradiant.com/index.php/LR_Electricians

    For the electricians involved there are definite benefits to this new referral program. Become an authorized electrician with LEDRadiant and you will be eligible for a plethora of discounts on all of our LED lighting products. Signing up is free and once you are an authorized LED lighting reseller, we will begin referring customers to you. This is most definitely a win/win situation for everyone involved. Additionally, we will have monthly purchase amount threshold—reach the threshold and get even more tremendous benefits and discounts on numerous LED light products.



    It’s easy to start.

    As an electrical contractor you simply visit us at LEDRadiant.com and submit your profile information. One of our staff members will then be in touch. On top of this you will also start receiving amazing special offers, product updates and even some effective marketing techniques and ideas. And for customers, simply go online and start shopping; fill us in on the details of your project and we will be happy to help match you with a certified electrical contractor.


  • LED Pole Lighting Fixtures: Illuminating Your Exterior

    One of the trickiest and most labor intensive areas to replace and maintain lighting fixtures and the corresponding bulbs is outside on those not-so-easy-to-reach pole lights. A very necessary area when it comes to light requirements, parking lots, walkways and general exterior applications are hugely important for your business or office complex. Even projects involving street light installations are made that much better and more efficient by using LEDs. People coming and/or going later in the day certainly do not want to be left in the dark, having to “feel” their way to their cars. For purposes of safety and security, you want to ensure the best and brightest lights possible. Utilizing LED pole lights is not just a prudent move, it’s a cost effective one as well.

    pole-parking_lot_3_2_1_1_1_1_1 (2)

    When weighing the decision of whether or not to replace your old pole lights with highly efficient LED versions consider the following:

    • Maintenance: LED Pole Lighting, unlike traditional commercial grade variants of such lights, are not difficult to access nor do they require a great deal of maintenance. Boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 15 years, the amount of bulb changing and replacing that you will be doing is minimal. Cost wise, that adds up to positive savings in the long run—money that you could put back into your business.
    • Lumens: As some LED Pole Light Fixtures are often achieving over 100 lumens per watt, the direction and intensity of these lights is far superior to any comparable product on the market. When you’re talking about safety and security especially, this is an incredibly important factor to consider.
    • Flexibility: Various lighting controls can also be integrated with these lighting products. This equates to a far more efficient and cost effective performance, like photocell dusk to dawn control.

    street light

    Perhaps once of the wisest choices you can make, switching to LED Pole Lights for your exterior needs is a no-brainer. Our experienced staff of lighting and LED professionals can certainly point you in the right direction when it comes to the type of products you should purchase and the best methods of implementation. Don’t hesitate to contact LEDRadiant with all of your exterior lighting needs. We’re here for you.

  • LED linear lighting for wet locations

    Exterior lighting applications can certainly be tough areas with which to deal. Extreme temperature variations and wet climate conditions can wreak havoc with traditional lighting fixtures and bulbs.  LED is once again the only solution you need. Optimal for wetter areas and moist, humid conditions, LED linear lighting provides constant, bright and dependable illumination even during the most treacherous of weather events. And exterior use isn’t all this fixture is limited to. Perfect also for indoor applications that present moist and/or more rugged settings, LED wet location linear and LED tri-lighting is the answer.

    Constructed out of waterproof, extremely durable materials, these lights are highly efficient and extraordinarily resilient. Brighter than multiple fluorescent bulbs combined, LED linear lights are ideal for environments which pose a challenge for lamps that may not otherwise be up to the task. So what types of applications are these specially designed LED linear pendants, LED wet location high bay lights, and LED tri lights useful for…

    Where Can You Use LED Linear Lights...The Possibilities are Endless!

    Certainly outdoor use is within the wheelhouse of the LED linear pendant and bar type lights. Rain, snow, sleet--more reliable than the postman--these fixtures feature an expected lifespan of greater than 50,000 hours. Braving any storm, they maintain their luminosity and provide excellent coverage regardless of weather conditions. Also these lamps prove incredibly useful for barns and garages, areas in which lighting needs to be powerful and still up to the challenge of less than ideal conditions. Constructed so as to be carefully sealed and thus impervious to water, dust or corrosion, these fixtures require no warm up time and are flicker-free. Car washes are certainly within the capabilities of this style LED wet location linear light, not to mention . Locker rooms where often the air can be extremely moist and damp--virtually anywhere that a wet location LED bulb will face a distinct environmental challenge, the LED linear wet-use light will perform perfectly each and every time. Easy to install and super easy to maintain, these tri-lite, pendant light and bar style light LED fixtures are guaranteed to save you time and, more importantly, money.


    Not sure what type of LED fixture your application requires…We understand that the technical language associated with the lighting industry can often seem challenging and difficult to understand. That is why we are available to help. Certainly email or call with any questions you might have. Or take advantage of our online chat feature. We will walk you through it.


  • LED Wall Pack vs. Metal Halide Wall Pack

    Far more economical to run, not to mention more efficient in the long run, the LED Wall Pack light is a great investment. If we look at the Metal Halide Wall Pack, you will find that it takes a 250 watt bulb of one of these types of lamps to equate to a 70 watt LED comparable light. Part of the reason for this is the fact that a great deal of the metal halide’s energy is basically burned up as heat rather than as light. This is certainly not the case with the far more effective and more temperate LED Wall Pack fixture.

    wall pack light

    Approximately 80% more efficient than similar types of lighting, LED is most definitely a clear choice. Perfect for outdoor applications, the LED Wall Pack’s rugged and durable construction can hold up to some intense elements. Not to mention, their incredibly longer lifespan make it so that particularly in those more difficult to access outdoor areas, maintenance is minimal. Yet another savings, putting money back in your pocket.

    Not only are the LED Wall Packs a better choice and a great bargain, they also produce a far more favorable light. Delivering up to 7000 lumens, LEDs create a much brighter atmosphere—and when you’re talking about light, of course brightness and illumination are what count.

    So why should you switch from your Metal Halide Wall Packs to LED…We’ve mentioned heat, efficiency, lumens and durability. What about cost? Over a period of time—a relatively short period of time—any money that you may have spent, or any additional expenses incurred as a result of retrofitting with LED Wall Packs, will be made back, plus some. The LEDs lifespan (up to 20 years), combined with greater efficiency, combined with a much cooler running bulb, all add up to tremendous savings in the end. Your ROI is unbeatable when talking about an LED Wall Pack versus a Metal Halide.


    Not sure exactly what you need or what the best lighting plan/layout is for your particular building. LEDRadiant’s expert staff will be more than happy to help you. With years of experience and knowledge under our belts, we can direct you toward the best possible LED Wall Pack solutions.

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