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Canopy Lights Are Definitely in Demand

How can you significantly reduce energy consumption and thus overall energy costs at your facility…retrofitting with LED canopy lights is certainly a great way to start. Perfect for example in gas stations, these LED lights burn longer and far more efficient than more traditional style bulbs. With lifespans that can range from 50-100,000 hours, the LED canopy lights are a product that you can certainly get behind.

Given their intensity and brightness, these canopy lights are phenomenal when it comes to outdoor use. People want to feel safe, and in order to feel safe they need the surrounding area to be lit up. Only LED lites can do this to the point where drivers become less anxious and subsequently feel more secure. Isn’t that what you would want for your facility…

Additionally, as these types of LED lights offer greater flexibility as far as being able to equip them with various controls, they tend to save even more in energy costs. So why should you investigate retrofitting with LED canopy lights…The reasons speak for themselves really. But if you look briefly at a quick comparison between let’s say for example, metal halide lights and LED lighting products you will certainly see the reasons are quite clear:

  • High intensity discharge lamps take 3 to 5 minutes for full output and sometimes up to 20 minutes to stabilize the color temperature. LED light output stabilizes in less than 1 second.
  • Another characteristic of HID lamps is that if switched off, they cannot be restarted until a waiting period of 5-10 minutes. LED lights can be switched off and on immediately.
  • HID lamps come in basically 2 color temperatures, either cool white for metal halide or yellow 2100-2300 Kelvin for HPS (high pressure sodium).
  • LED lights operate at 120F to 180F while metal halide lamps operate at 1500F to 1800F. This means a more efficient overall luminosity as well as a more effective end result.
  • Potentially the number one advantage that LED canopy lights have over halides or any other type of lighting fixture for that matter is in the average lifespan. Boasting anywhere from 50,000 to over 100,000 hours of life, the LED canopy light is guaranteed to save you time and money,
  • While perhaps the initial output may be a little bit more as far as the LED bulb goes, the overall cost is significantly less. You will save with LED canopy lights. Because of the fact that there is much less maintenance involved, because the lifespan is a great deal longer and because the product is in general that much better, you can rest assured that LED canopy lights will make your wallet smile.


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