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Pole Lights

  • LED Pole Lighting Fixtures: Illuminating Your Exterior

    One of the trickiest and most labor intensive areas to replace and maintain lighting fixtures and the corresponding bulbs is outside on those not-so-easy-to-reach pole lights. A very necessary area when it comes to light requirements, parking lots, walkways and general exterior applications are hugely important for your business or office complex. Even projects involving street light installations are made that much better and more efficient by using LEDs. People coming and/or going later in the day certainly do not want to be left in the dark, having to “feel” their way to their cars. For purposes of safety and security, you want to ensure the best and brightest lights possible. Utilizing LED pole lights is not just a prudent move, it’s a cost effective one as well.

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    When weighing the decision of whether or not to replace your old pole lights with highly efficient LED versions consider the following:

    • Maintenance: LED Pole Lighting, unlike traditional commercial grade variants of such lights, are not difficult to access nor do they require a great deal of maintenance. Boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 15 years, the amount of bulb changing and replacing that you will be doing is minimal. Cost wise, that adds up to positive savings in the long run—money that you could put back into your business.
    • Lumens: As some LED Pole Light Fixtures are often achieving over 100 lumens per watt, the direction and intensity of these lights is far superior to any comparable product on the market. When you’re talking about safety and security especially, this is an incredibly important factor to consider.
    • Flexibility: Various lighting controls can also be integrated with these lighting products. This equates to a far more efficient and cost effective performance, like photocell dusk to dawn control.

    street light

    Perhaps once of the wisest choices you can make, switching to LED Pole Lights for your exterior needs is a no-brainer. Our experienced staff of lighting and LED professionals can certainly point you in the right direction when it comes to the type of products you should purchase and the best methods of implementation. Don’t hesitate to contact LEDRadiant with all of your exterior lighting needs. We’re here for you.

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